Joe Baes Project

The Band - The music makers

The Joe Baes Project is the perfect mix of classic and fresh! Whether with the band, or a solo show, you will feel the music. Playing classic rock, blues, instrumentals, a little country and even throw some new music into the mix. When you attend a show with the Joe Baes Project, you will have a good time! While a Joe Baes Project album is the perfect addition to any musical collection, never pass up the opportunity to catch a live show where the concert will be energetic, the music will rock, and fans can often be caught on stage.

We are currently working on our 2nd CD, and are very excited about the new material. Stay tuned!



Mike Galloway - Bass/Vocals/songwriting and comedy

Mike is the bass player for the band, he also sings and plays guitar.  He sings songs between sets, that have become crowd favorites . He will even make up a song on the spot, using suggestions from the audience, these songs can get quite interesting!

Mike is energetic and loves to perform live, he has non stop energy (like the Energizer Bunny) that he bring to every show. Mike is a military veteran, he and Joe met while deployed to Iraq in 2005 and have been playing ever since. 


Jonathan Toler - Drummer

Jonathan is the drummer for the band. He is the timekeeper, he makes sure Joe and Mike don't stray too far from the beat while they are moving around the stage. 

From the very first time Jonathan jammed with the band, they knew he was the perfect fit for the musical style Mike and Joe had been playing over the years.  Jonathan can play songs that he has never heard before and make you feel like he's played them all his life.


Joe Baes - Guitar/Vocals Songwriter

Joe has loved music as long as he can remember.  After picking up his first instrument at 8 years old, Joe Baes' life quickly became saturated in music. While starting with the trumpet and drums, then attempting the guitar, his curiosity about music led to an unwavering passion. His live performances started humbly at school parties, which guided him to concerts for thousands of Marines. However, it was that first party from his high school days where he developed that love for the stage. Putting his music career on hold (serving 29 years in the Marine Corps) he is now following his passion and sharing his music "experience" with others. He writes songs from experiences and things he sees everyday. His main influence is his number one fan, Donna Kay.  Joe has been in many countries, performing internationally for the military and the locals. He has now settled down in New Bern, NC to work on his music and perform whenever he can.



Stephanie Edwards - - Guest Musician: Keyboards and Vocals

Stephanie plays keys with the band.  A schoolteacher by trade, Stephanie makes sure these boys don’t get away with too much. She’s a lover of puns, harmonies, and good times – which is why she loved Joe Baes Project right away.

Stephanie learned to play the piano in the back of the school cafeteria in second grade, and hasn’t stopped since (although the audience has changed a lot since then). Whether she’s in front of 30 ten-year-olds teaching ukulele, or behind the keys with Joe Baes Project, she’ll be loving the chance to share music with friends. 

Jenn Crow - Guest Musician: Drums/percussion

Jenn has been playing drums since she was 5 years old. She played for the Havelock High School Marching Rams on their drum line as a snare player. After high school Jenn did a lot of drumming on her own, mixing pop and hip hop songs. Her drumming style fit right in with the band and she can handle the shenanigans (she laughs a lot)!