Who Is Real?

by Joe Baes

Released 2013
Baes Productions
Released 2013
Baes Productions
Joe's first solo CD, a mix of rock, instrumentals, soft rock and acoustic.
All music and lyrics written by Joe Baes. The songs were written while in the Marine Corps and recorded in Kuwait, Iraq and the United States. Most songs started out as a poem, then adding the acoustic guitar with the lyrics. Once the basic song was recorded, other instruments were added and then performed live with other musicians. These songs have been performed with his children, the Sweater Kittenz, BoZko and at open mic nights. …
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Sweater Kittenz
Joe Baes


This instrumental started off with a jam with my daughter on bass and finally worked it into a full band song.  Still working on a Joe Baes Project recording... coming soon.


This is an instrumental, therefore, no lyrics!!



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Mardi Gras

On March 2nd, Joe, Jonathan, and special guest Tanner Jones has a blast at the Ghent Mardi Gras celebration. If you missed it this year, make sure you plan on coming out next year.  Many great entertainers, food trucks, breweries, vendors and a parade. Check the FaceBook page for photos of this event, and check the calendar for our upcoming shows.

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A live clip from our Washington Show!

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