Who Is Real?

by Joe Baes

Released 2013
Baes Productions
Released 2013
Baes Productions
Joe's first solo CD, a mix of rock, instrumentals, soft rock and acoustic.
All music and lyrics written by Joe Baes. The songs were written while in the Marine Corps and recorded in Kuwait, Iraq and the United States. Most songs started out as a poem, then adding the acoustic guitar with the lyrics. Once the basic song was recorded, other instruments were added and then performed live with other musicians. These songs have been performed with his children, the Sweater Kittenz, BoZko and at open mic nights. After all the ideas were recorded, on small digital recorder, a MacBook or iMac, they were then mixed and mastered.
Joe has been playing musical instruments for over 40 years and still enjoys creating and performing live. After 29 years in the Marine Corps, now there is a little more time to pursue a music career.

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MS VIP Party

The band had a great time putting on a show for the top fundraisers for the NB MS 150. What a great group of people. We played our music, people were singing and moving along to the tunes. Thank you all for coming and sharing your stories with us.

We will be performing at the Trading Post on Emerald Isle on September 22nd, 2018. This is our last scheduled show for this year at the Trading Post. Hope to see you there.

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Some clips of our live sound.

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